East Zone Centre of Excellence (Sports)


The strategies that the COE for Sports would employ are:

Facilities and resources

  1. To provide facilities for students to have competitive and recreational games;
  2. To act as a resource centre with sports teaching materials (e.g. books and video analysis of games) for loan;
  3. To provide facilities for training and development of teachers;

Student Development

  1. To organise sports clinics to enhance the learning opportunities for students at primary, secondary and junior college levels;
  2. To provide opportunities for students who are not involved in sports CCAs to participate in competitions;
  3. To collaborate with external organisations in organising sporting activities or programmes for students;

Teacher Development

  1. To enhance the capacity of teachers in teaching and learning of PE, especially in the case of some primary school teachers who are not formally trained to teach PE;
  2. To organise coaching clinics for teachers-in-charge of CCAs (Badminton, Basketball and Table Tennis) so as to enhance their capabilities in sports and games. They in turn could promote the games at their schools and this works towards sustainability in interest and activities;
  3. To collaborate and facilitate with external organisations. Examples of external organisations are National Institute of Education (NIE), East Zone Sports Development Committees (SDCs), Singapore Badminton Association (SBA), Basketball Association of Singapore (BAS), Singapore Table-Tennis Association (STTA) and sports associations in other countries. in organising professional development programmes for teachers.


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